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Fall/Winter 2017

Keylooks Pre Collection

The Inspiration:
London, sometime back in the 1960s. The natural, feminine, and daring beauty of Vanessa Redgrave. The carefree, confident nonchalance of Gunter Sachs. Appealing, beguiling. Breezing in a dream in a convertible through the big city.

The Colours:
Off-white and blush, surrounded by powder brown and skin. A pale grey, black and anthracite. With accents of crystal, jade and smoke green. Add to it the freshness of ocean wave. Very prominent: dark and light brick, again and again. These are the shades that colour London.

Full of ideas, challenging and well reflected. Every piece is perfectly crafted, cosmopolitan and select to produce a graceful and alluring look throughout.

Keylooks Main Collection

The Inspiration:
A heart left in London. Perhaps in a bar, early in the evening. Feeling happy and free. The light shimmers in copper colours. An exciting atmosphere. Unusual movements. Soft voices in the room, and refreshing laughter every now and then. As if Duran Duran were dancing to a song by Jane Birkin. Or perhaps she is dancing with the guys? Light, playful. Without any rigour.

The colours:
The basic colour of navy makes its mark on the collection, paired with marine and blue mélange. And suddenly a splash of cardinal red. White, broken up like a dancing crest of foam in the sea, carefully teamed with grey and a delicate powder colour. The accenting colours: brass gold and red brick. Copper tones and light red.

Impeccable details, technically captivating, perfectly formed cuts on carefully selected, modern fabrics.