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Spring/Summer 2017

Keylooks Pre Kollektion

A Spring/Summer pre collection inspired by pop artists. Not the loud American type, but the somewhat quieter, lesser-known variant of, for example, Slovak artist Jana Želibská. Prints play an important role. As do dots. Dots make up patterns, patterns make up surfaces, surfaces are neatly framed with braiding and adorn the key pieces of the collection.

Refreshing summery colours, like a cooling breeze blowing through your hair. It all starts with paper white and a soft black, joined by stone that becomes silver grey, followed by light blue. In the end comes a vibrant royal blue. On top: a golden yellow.

Bright but never garish, matt and intense, it warms all hues with an elegant lightness.
And thus the look receives a good dose of femininity: modern womanliness rather than romanticism. With power and presence. Opposites melt into one: elaborate lace
appliquéd on a superfine knit. Decorative with elegant simplicity.

Keylooks Main Collection

The inspiration:
Running through grass, wind in your hair, the scent of the sea in the air. Sand on your feet. An interplay of light and shadow.
Perhaps you’re in Brittany, with a song from Lou Doillon running through your mind. Your head is clear and free. There’s a spring in your step. You are surprising yourself. Sensuous and elegant, fresh and sophisticated.

The colours:
A delicate olive, bright green, seaweed, paired with dark and light blue, stone, sand, coral, teamed with paper white and soft black.

The fabrics:
A modern take on linen, mixed with wool. Unusual muslin and skin-pleasing voile. Stripes appear: wide, narrow, coloured, patterned. Graphic devoré patterns adorn tops, while long blazers are fashioned from soft summer tweed. An innovative knit: summer Lurex mouliné with ruffles from technical yarn. Wide cotton pinstriped trousers: black stripes on a white background, paired with a black blazer in flowing crêpe. Each item has perfectly proportioned volume and is expertly crafted in every detail. Graceful and easy with impressive couture. Well thought out and with an unexpected twist.